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Point of View Speaker Series, Winter/Spring 2017:

Challenging Perspectives on Current Issues

Our lectures are held generally on the third Thursday of the month (see exceptions below) at the Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA (between Castro Way and 4th Ave.) Please note, for the "Winter/Spring" sessions, some are in room 9, and some in room 12 where we have been accustomed to meet.

7:00pm–9:00pm (Don't forget to check the room number)

Thursday, February 16, Room 9
image of Other Avenues are Posssible book coverShanta Nimbark Sacharoff will present her book: Other Avenues are Possible: Legacy of the People's Food system of the San Francisco Bay Area: a vivid account of the dramatic rise and fall of the San Francisco People’s Food System of the 1970s. Published by PM Press (

Weaving new interviews, historical research, and the author’s personal story as a longstanding co-op member, the book captures the excitement of a growing radical social movement along with the struggles, heartbreaking defeats, and eventual resurgence of today’s thriving network of Bay Area cooperatives, the greatest concentration of co-ops anywhere in the country.

Integral to the early natural foods movement, with a radical vision of “Food for People, Not for Profit,” the People’s Food System challenged agribusiness and supermarkets, and quickly grew into a powerful local network with nationwide influence before flaming out, often in dramatic fashion.

Thursday March 16, Room 12
image of ballot box Elections Panel 2017: A debriefing of the 2016 local elections.
Listen to a former elected official, a journalist, and a failed candidate discuss their experiences with the American election process, with an emphasis on local issues, including what possessed them to get involved at all.

Shane Brinton is a Sacramento-based labor organizer and activist who has worked for multiple unions representing healthcare workers. He has previously served as City Council Member and Mayor of Arcata, CA where he was born and raised. He has been involved in grassroots community organizing and electoral politics for more than a decade.

Dan Gougherty is a journalist who has written the Elk Grove News blog, touted as the city's independent, non-corporate voice, since 2008. His focus is on local politics and economic development.

Michael Monasky is the secretary of The Marxist School of Sacramento, and ran for Elk Grove mayor in 2016. He garnered 171 votes.

The panel's first hour of presentation will be followed by an hour-long Q&A session.

Thursday, April 20, Room 12
Cynthia Kaufman, presents her book: Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change (2nd Ed, Published by PM Press).

image of Other Avenues are Posssible book coverWritten in an engaging and accessible style, Ideas for Action gives activists the intellectual tools to turn discontent into a plan of action. Exploring a wide range of political traditions—including Marxism, anarchism, anti-imperialism, postmodernism, feminism, critical race theory, and environmentalism—Cynthia Kaufman acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of political movements and the ideologies inspired by or generated through them. Kaufman incorporates elements of her own activist experiences and presents a coherent analysis without pretending to offer “the final word” on complex issues. Instead, she helps orient a critical understanding of the social world and a glimpse of the excitement and rewards of serious intellectual engagement with political ideas.

Fully updated to confront pressing issues of today, Ideas for Action also examines the work of diverse thinkers such as Adam Smith, Paulo Freire, Grace Lee Boggs, and Stuart Hall. Kaufman’s insights break the chains of cynicism and lay a foundation for more effective organizing.

Cynthia spoke for us previously in 2004 (“Challenging Capitalism in the Here and Now”) and 2013 (“Getting Past Capitalism”). 

Thursday, May 18, Room 9
Water Forum 2017: Expert panel discusses water issues and social justice

Listen to experienced local, grassroots, state-wide water policy perspectivesimage of ballot box from legal, social, and media experts.

Dan Bacher is a seasoned reporter for FishSniffer magazine, a sportsmans' newsletter with an environmental edge. Dan's journalism is published by AlterNet, CounterPunch, and other, alternative outlets. He can be heard at 5:30 am Saturday mornings on KFBK, 93.1 FM, on the Bob Simms' Outdoor Show, mixing fish tales with the latest news on the corporate rape of our watersheds.

The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water (EJCW) is a resource for local communities engaged in social justice battles against corporations, including access to water. Its attorney, Colin Bailey, is a Marxist School Praxis Award winner. He fought plans by Sacramento Natural Gas to store millions of cubic feet of the stuff under South Sacramento's Glen Elder community. Today, he and coordinator Reverend Amanda Ford are consulting people to keep their water clean and under their control.

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