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Point of View Speaker Series

Challenging Perspectives on Current Issues

Thursday, January 18, Room 9, 7–9pm
Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA (between Castro Way and 4th Ave.)

Single payer and the California legislature

A panel discussion on the political economy of health care costs

Senate Bill 562 was introduced early 2017 in California by the super-majority liberal democrats. They advanced and then withdrew their support for universal access, including undocumented immigrants, to comprehensive health care resources. For decades, insurance companies have turned billions in profits in the Golden State, while costs soar and premiums skyrocket at three times the rate of inflation. Could a single payer health insurance program in California mitigate such costs and distribute a universal benefit?
Our panel includes two experts who are licensed practitioners and activists.

William Bronston, MD Keith McCallin, PA-C
William Bronston is a physician with family connections to the Russian Revolution, Hollywood blockbuster films, and a precedent-setting US Supreme Court case cited by Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. His activism for and promotion of universal health care reaches back decades with Physicians for a National Health Plan. Keith McCallin is a licensed physician assistant. In his past life, he wrote television scripts in New York and Los Angeles. Now he plays a leading role in creating alternative state health policy with Healthy California, sponsored by the California Nurses Association.

Please join us in what will be an exciting report and discussion in this fractious and contentious public policy debate staring us in the face today. What can a single payer insurance program do to make health care affordable and accessible to all Californians?

Here is a link to an article on A Marxist View of Medical Care. It's optional reading, but should enrich the January discussion. Note: the document is an Acrobat PDF, and may automatically download to your computer rather than opening when you click the link. Don't panic if this happens, just find your Downloads folder and open the document.

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