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Point of View Speaker Series

Challenging Perspectives on Current Issues

The Marxist School Of Sacramento
Point Of View (POV) Lecture Series
New Location (Cafe and Brew), New Time - 6:30pm; and New Format (see below for details)

Thursday, April 19: Richard A. Walker

Image of Richard Walker

Richard Walker is professor emeritus of geography at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught from 1975 to 2012. Walker has written on a diverse range of topics in economic, urban, and environmental geography, with scores of published articles to his credit. He is coauthor of The Capitalist Imperative (1989) and The New Social Economy (1992) and has written extensively on California, including The Conquest of Bread (2004), The Country in the City (2007) and The Atlas of California (2013).
Walker is currently director of the Living New Deal Project, whose purpose is to inventory all New Deal public works sites in the United States and recover the lost memory of government investment for the good of all. Walker now splits time between Berkeley and Burgundy.

image of book cover - pictures of a gone city

Walker’s latest book is Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area, set to be published in April, 2018. The book is a sweeping account of the Bay Area in the age of the tech boom covers many bases. It begins with the phenomenal concentration of IT in Greater Silicon Valley, the fabulous economic growth of the bay region and the unbelievable wealth piling up for the 1% and high incomes of Upper Classes—in contrast to the fate of the working class and people of color earning poverty wages and struggling to keep their heads above water.

and then...

Thursday, May 3: Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen played a key role in the London counterculture scene of the 1960s. As “Dr John” he was the public face of the London street commune movement and the occupation of 144 Piccadilly, an event that briefly hit the world’s headlines in July 1969. He subsequently became an urban ethnographer, and for the past forty years he has been involved with working-class communities in East London documenting the impact of structural and demographic change on their livelihoods, lifestyles, and life stories. Currently he is research director of LivingMaps, a network of activists, artists, and academics developing a creative and critical approach to social mapping. He is also a professor emeritus at the University of East London and a research fellow of the Young Foundation.

Our Point Of View Lecture Series continues at a new location, new time, and new format. We will hold the POV lectures at Cafe & Brew, 925 Third Street (at J Street), Sacramento, 6:30–8:30pm.

The café is located just off the J Street off-ramp on Interstate 5.
It has bus, rail, and light rail service nearby and there is plenty of parking. The café gives us an opportunity to have a meal with our speakers before they make their presentations. We will meet in the café's private meeting room at 5:30 pm for a meal with the speaker.

The lectures and presentations will begin in the same room at 6:30 pm, and end at 8:30 pm. Optionally, food may be ordered during that time. Individuals are responsible for their own, separate checks for their meals, beverages, desserts, etc. (Hint: to save time, pay for your meal at the time you order; that way you don't have to stand in line after!)

The Marxist School of Sacramento reimburses speakers for their travel costs, and purchases a meal for them. The school depends upon the generous support of tax-deductible donations from the community to meet its expenses to continue to feature the POV Lecture Series.

We decided to change the location and format of the Point Of View Lecture Series so that it could continue, without charge to public participants, to feature activists, academics, and writers whose work investigates and demonstrates the analysis of Karl Marx.


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